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There is no such thing as a candidate who’s “good enough”.

Senior executives drive your company’s performance, vision, and culture. Yet often, management teams look for candidates who meet functional requirements, but fall short in terms of fit, culture, and leadership qualities.

Today more than ever, candidates who are “good enough”…just aren’t. There’s no time for under-performing placements or costly, embarrassing mis-hires. We know the importance of talented executives, but even more so, those leaders with the broader personal attributes necessary for true, long-term success.

Our clients will tell you: when they hire us to find real talent, they know they’re going to Hire Substanceā„¢.

Mary Horgan, VP Inflight and Airport Operations while at Air New Zealand: "I can truly say that the adventure I had through the intervention of Kensington Stone created the platform for the changes I...continue to make in my career and life."